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ABADA Trade LLC is one of the largest suppliers and exporters of kidney beans in Kyrgyzstan, starting its operations in 2001. During this time our company has shown itself as a proven Supplier, whose main principles are realibility, honesty and respect to our Partners’ interests.

ABADA Trade LLC works closely with leading cannery factories and packaging companies from around the world.

Through our highly professional team and our own production base in Kyzyl-Adyr, Talas region we deliver our products on a timely fashion. Our equipment and production line for cleaing, calibration and packaging were imported from Turkey, China and Russia.


Kyrgyz Kidney Beans

Growing kidney beans is highly popular in Kyrgyzstan (fhaseolus vulgaris l). The vegetation period of Kyrgyz beans is approximately 70 days to 120 days. The vegetation period of beans elsewhere depends on its type, weather conditions and the structure of the soil.

Kidney beans are a warm-weather crop and it requires a higher temperature. Therefore, 92 to 97 percent of all Kyrgyz kidney beans are grown in the Talas region. The Talas regions is favourable due to stable weather conditions with slight temperature fluctuations when the crop blossoms and forms its seed.

Kidney beans are hygrophilous plants requiring a lot of water. Water availability in the Talas region allows farmers to irrigate their crops 5-7 times during the summer without any problems.


Harvesting Service

ABADA Trade LLC is the only company in Kyrgyzstan specializing in mechanical sowing, harvesting and threshing kidney beans. We have our own fleet of imported tractors and assorted agricultural machinery for sowing, maintaining and harvesting kidney beans. The company has established a Tractor and Harvesting Machinery lease services station in Kyzyl-Adyr, Talas region to facilitate and accelerate the work of local producers of agriculture products. All our vehicles were regarded as reliable and demand continues to grow among the local population.


We provide the following services:

  • Prepare and dispatch the product on a timely fashion

  • Cleaning and grading services
  • Storage services in special tankers

  • Deliver kidney beans with our own trucks
    • Product certification

    • Customs handling of import and export of freight

    Our advantages:

    1. We have our own production base with various equipment and production lines for cleaning, calibrating and packaging in Kyzyl-Adyr, Talas region

    2. We have our own production base with various equipment and production lines for cleaning, calibrating and packaging in Kyzyl-Adyr, Talas region
    3. Warehouses with supplies in Moscow and Kretinga, Lithuania;

    4. A well-established distribution system in numerous countries;
    5. Vast experience in partaking in international exhibitions;

    6. Constant quality control of products shipped to our Clients;
    7. 15 years’ experience in growing, processing and exporting kidney beans worldwide;

    8. Timely delivery of kidney beans by railway and auto transportation.

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